Pier2Pier Ventures

Bringing together entrepreneurs and investors in Sussex and the South Coast, to help early-stage digital businesses with investment and business development.

  • Brand identity
  • Website design and build
  • Print design

About the project

Brighton based Pier2Pier Ventures wanted a logo design that was bold and distinctive and were keen to show some of Brighton’s distinctive character. We decided to utilise the sea elements, both in terms of colour palette and imagery.

Early iterations of the logo showed the mirrored effect on the type to be favourable, but roman numerals were used to create the ‘2’ – representative of the struts of a pier. I decided to merge the adjoining ‘P’ characters together to create the strut effect with the ‘2’ being shown in relief. This created a striking central point to the logo and is also used as a standalone logomark.

Logo design
Responsive WordPress website design

Striking design all on one page

Right from the outset, it was clear Pier2Pier Ventures wanted to do something a bit different with their website. An early suggestion was to create a single page website, with all content available on the initial landing page. Pier2Pier were keen to adopt this idea so the site was designed to contain the content in digestible sections, all accessible from the ‘sticky’ menu which remains at the top of the page whilst scrolling up and down.

An additional feature on the site is the use of their Instagram channel to populate the news feed. The site automatically pulls in posts from the Instagram channel, enabling Pier2Pier to update their ‘news’ wherever they are.

Responsive website design and build
Business card design

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